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Commited to healthcare since 2006,Vinayak Hospital offers upper and lower Gastro Intestinal Endoscopy. Performed various endosopies with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Offers a full spectrum of services in clinical and surgical care as well as a wide range of speciality support, in-patient and out-patient services.

Vinayak Hospital is the Dedicated Laproscopic Centre in western Pune. Provides facilities for Gall Bladder surgeries , Appendicectomies and other Advanced Laproscopic Procedures including Hiatus Hernia and Hernias.

Vinayak Hospital also provides facilities for Laproscopic Hiatus Hernia.

Vinayak Hospital also offers following specialities---

General Surgery

Head & Neck Surgery
Oral Cancers
Breast cancers & related chemotherapy
Chest Surgery
Gall bladder stones
Intestinal Surgery
Anal & Colorectal Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Piles Clinic
Kidney Stones
Gynace & obstetrics

Antinatal Clinics
Maternity se & painless delivery
Mothers-Baby well being clinic
Infertility Clinic
Gynace Endoscopy(HYSTEROSCOPY)
Gynace Laparoscopy
Menopause Clinic
Gynace Cancers

Upper Gicoesophogo Gastro duodenoscopy
Lencer GI (Anoprecto sigmoido colonoscopy)
Cystoscopy & Ureteroreno Scopic Surgery
Little About Us

Owned By :-

Dr. Prafulla Tamaskar
image M.B.B.S., D.N.B. [SURGERY] D.L.S., F.M.A.S

Expert in doing upper and lower Gastro Intestinal Endoscopy - Performed more than 3500 Endoscopies with Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures.

Has done 300+ Gall Bladder surgery, 800 Appendicectomies and 450 other Advanced Laproscopic Procedures including Hernias.

Expert in performing Laproscopic Hiatus Hernia.

image Dr. Kavita Tamaskar
M.B.B.S., D.G.O.

Expert in Infertility.

Eminent Obstetrician.

Has performed difficult and complicated labours

Expert in Gynec, Endoscopy and Laproscopy

Has performed more than 200 add procedures Laproscopically with great success.

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